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they don’t want us to successfully talk about it

Posted in taboo, tom hardy, TV shows, white culture on February 20, 2017 by loveinotherplaces

my new favorite TV show is taboo on FX.  it loves on me. cuz here’s why:mv5bmtyyntqwnzk0ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdaymdi2mdi-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_

  1. tom hardy, tom hardy, and tom hardy are the most amazing actors
  2. i love old white british stories about imperialism, the slave trades, the solidification of capitalism in europe, and the rise of the new world order
  3. it’s indirectly (it hopes and tries to be) about the liberation of black & indigenous people even though there have been scenes that fetishize the black body and demonize african spirituality
  4. tom hardy has some black in him – bet
  5. the supernatural is in there
  6. it’s twisted – he in love with his sister, he in hate with his son, i would marry him and try to heal him and probably end up dead
  7. it’s violent
  8. extremely well written
  9. it’s an ugly, gritty, dirty and raw version of british history that they don’t like to explore aka it’s honest
  10. sankofa … it’s pan-african …



left my wallet in kattegat

Posted in TV shows, vikings, violence, white culture, winter on February 6, 2017 by loveinotherplaces

it’s always a mourning period after the final episode of the last season is watched.  and my latest show that brought me joy on this earth was vikings.  you gotta be into that type Image result for ragnar lothbrokshit.  that show was bloody, vicious, inventively violent, and full of semi-accurate culture.  ragnar be tripping by the end .. and so do his sons … when that dude crawled out behind his brothers, i was DONE.  it’s kind of like an unsanitary, non-fantasy game of thrones but not really.  of course, i fast forwarded some of the boring dramatic aspects.  i’ve always liked vikings in general. can’t say why.  their savagery, their wildness, their feminism, their grit, their earthiness, their berserkerness, their urge to roam, to kill first and ask questions later … all appeals. i like seeing how europeans inter-bred and what kind of perpetually cold, shit storm they came from. so if that’s also you’re kind of thing, you may want to accept this love. i’m on the lookout for season 5.

insecured to the roof of my car

Posted in HBO, Insecure, Issa Rae, TV shows on January 31, 2017 by loveinotherplaces

insecure. have we talked about this yet?

there were too many parallels with my real life for me not to create a conspiracy theory Image result for insecurethat someone i know contributed to that show.  lmao.  but for real.  and the world of black people who went to college is way too small for me not to be paranoid.  georgetown.  non profit.  youth development.  a best friend looking for a fairytale. a producer nigga.  been to all of those places and seen all that with my own two.

not that it matters … just interesting.

issa rae is phenomenal.  she has what we call in the performing arts: presence.  she vibrates through the screen.  she’s dope. she got a light inside her eyeballs and a knack for humor.

i did fast forward some parts cuz i’m retarded.  i might have ADD sometimes.  and usually, if i lived it or if it’s too melodramatic, i don’t want it.  i mostly fast forwarded the parts about her non-profit struggles with white people.  it’s like, if i live this in real life, why do Image result for issa raei want to re-live it again during my free time?  i refuse.

but some of this show had me laughing out loud.  she reminds me of that time in my life when i had just broke up with my BD and i had a baby in my back seat and a mattress strapped to the roof of my car. early twenties and dumb as hell. low self esteem and totally insecure .. thinking i was grown as fuck (that’s for issa).

her raps are cute. her delivery of her raps are cuter.  her little fumbles are cute.  her men are cute.  her friends are cute.  the music is pretty cool at times.  she engaged me.  and that’s not easy. there’s plenty love when turning insecurities into art and profit.









west of the west

Posted in buddhism, career, Christopher Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, Michael Crichton, TV shows, violence on October 25, 2016 by loveinotherplaces

my new favorite show.  i love westerns.  i love artificial intelligence-goes-wrong plot Image result for westworldlines.  reminds me of stem cell research and white people who try to control all life and creation – it never works out.  and i love shoot em ups, shoot em downs, shoot outs, shootists, as well as hand to hand combat. i love these actors: jeffrey wright, ed harris and anthony hopkins.  thandie newton is cool.  i love the creepiness, the eerieness.  i like michael crichton’s work – his details, his science, his good v. evil, his twists. not surprised it’s based on his book-turned-feature-film from 1973.  i feel the depth, the substance, the layers, the weight, the tightness of the story.  not that this is the best show ever … in fact, the premise is Image result for westworld jeffrey wrightsimilar to a B movie i saw last year.  but it’s what i needed.  cuz most of all i love a show or movie that i can’t figure out.  usually i can predict what’s going to happen, what’s going to be said, so on my predictability meter this is pretty high in the area of i’m not sure where this is all going.  other than it’s all going to shit.  it’s not as high on the predictability meter as the first season of true detective but it’s up there.  all i can see is Ford probably killed his former partner, Arnold.  and all the hosts are about to remember too much.  some will become psychotic.  but what the F is this maze shit about … love in a conundrum.

and let me find out one of the masterminds behind this recent version is my old classmate, Jonathan Nolan.  as i was doing my (very light) research for this post i just saw his name on the photo i pasted above.  this post is going totally west now, an entirely different direction .. i have to tell the story of how i know jonathan.  we called him jonah then. CRAZY.  i am so excited for him.  i met jonathan at georgetown and we were both studying film.  in a college that had no film major, minor or anything.  taking the only film writing courses the university had to offer (all three of them) with professor glavin.  glavin was an amazing prof who taught us like no other instructor.  i still have every note and comment he made on my writing.  he actually taught us so much we could feel it. and jonah was very counter culture at the time … most people know him from working the security desk at village c or any other freshman dorm. in his black knit hat.  and when we all graduated he went off to hollywood to join his brother, christopher nolan (memento, inception, interstallar etc.), to see if he could break into the industry.  well he broke something off in that place.  and i love how the universe circles us all back … so proud of him.  honored to have known him and read his dialogue and scripts 20 years ago.

meanwhile i continue to do nothing with my skills and talents.  except blog?  after graduation i followed a different calling.  a very worthy one that God placed on my heart but which was not of my own dreams.  and i was scared.  then i got knocked up.  and life grabbed me by the pussy and shook the shit out of me and didn’t really stop until maybe a year ago …  i remain an unruly and undisciplined artist.  did i mention i was scared.  and i was undisciplined.  and glavin knew i was.  he said my only problem is that i had to keep writing.  i stopped.  i start a little.  i always stop.  to sit and stare.  sitting on a pile of scripts that haven’t been started or finished yet.  and paintings that take me 8 years to complete.  one day i might get it together.  but until then i’m trying to love me and my journey in every season.

Image result for westworld jeffrey wrightGod always sends us something to fall in love with. an external thing to bring us joy and encourage us to choose happiness. (he also equipped us with the ability to feel happiness for no reason at all but that’s a different post.)  and little did i know that God would also be trying to tell me it’s time.  trying to remind me of who i was and wanted to be many years ago.  trying to inspire me with the world of westworld as well as with how worlds are formed 20 (or more) years before they are seen.  trying to reinforce that real writers don’t stop, they just pause.  (footnote from city of god: “real gangsters don’t quit, they just take breaks.”)

now, i have to go ponder the whole meaning of my life.

sweet grit

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Image resultit’s only fitting that i listen to me’shell as i write this. she is apparently the musical director for the show, queen sugar.  i was gonna leave this show alone for a while cuz some black shit i gotta support from a distance.  the trailers were looking amazing and i support Ava Duvernay’s talented ass.  period.  so, to me, the details of the show didn’t matter.  i’m not personally drawn to any shows or movies that are dramas. drama is not my genre of choice.  at all. ever.  but there is a place for it and some black folk need it to accompany their meals.

a friend asked me what i thought so then i had to see it. mind you, i watched ONE episode.  the first one.

and i am going to be as loving and gentle in my words as i can because i will always support the work of independent black artists.  the best aspects of this show were:

  1. cinematography — just like in Selma (DP was Brad Young!!) the shots, the richness, the frames, the focus, the editing … was beauty, quality, depth, and real art
  2. music — AMAZING & PERFECT
  3. acting — above average .. mostly believable and heartfelt

where i think the show can grow:

  1. story — more interesting (not scandalous or over the top), more choices, less melodrama, more uniqueness to each character, then let the authenticity of the characters drive the story
  2. writing — there’s more good black writers, needs some quirkiness, sharpness, tightness, poetry
  3. pace — long shots of crying do not make us feel emotion … pick it up

in summary, there were things i liked and things i did not but at the end i teared up.  i did.Image result for queen sugar  some of it was the music’s fault and some of it was black nostalgia.  i am mainly glad that this show is a balm for much of my community.  i’m reading on FB and twitter that my folks are finding healing in this show.  even if it’s not my own salvation that i find in queen sugar, i appreciate it as a place many will call home.









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