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not to be confused with truffle butter 

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Finally tried this … I don’t even really like truffles but the foodie in me had to know. And yes, it was good. I’ll never eat it again cuz I don’t like truffle flavor that much but for those of you with different palates than mine, have at it. Truffles are still one of the most expensive food items on the global market. Best thing I ever had that had anything to do with this fungi was an aged steak in a Boston restaurant – they said chef had rubbed it in truffle oil before cooking it. Best steak ever. Didn’t taste a drop of truffle. Either way, it’s love. When there’s no one to trace your spine with their finger or to press your lips on, sink your teeth into something else. And if there is a someone, enhance your love with good food. 


magically delicious

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i got four words of love for you.  lemon chicken orzo soup.  from corner bakery.  the end.

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at least 5 good reasons

Posted in food, Uncategorized, zoe's kitchen on November 21, 2016 by loveinotherplaces

fell in love with this a while back but just now getting around to sharing.  atlanta is not my favorite food city so when i find something good i fall hard.  zoe’s kitchen is my favorite chain for cheaper, faster, fresher food.  took this photo of a light lunch i had last friday.  the pasta salad is retardedly defuckinglicious.  as is the basil pesto hummus.  but usually i get the kebabs.  i love em all.  steak, chicken, salmon, shrimp … you name … it’s all good.  but the best is not the greek salad but the salad dressing.  i buy a bottle and keep it at home for a variety of food purposes.  this is real love i’m giving you here.  there’s a reason to keep going in this life.  mediterranean food. and just food in general is a good reason.



the meaning of life & the existence of true love

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in the midst of real international, existential, local, romantic, and domestic problems … i got some love in a box for you.  no, not that kind justin timberlake sends during christmas.  in the meantime, try this frozen food from trader joe’s when you don’t have time to bake a pan of the real thing.  it’s not like homemade but it’s gloriously decent.  as The Sims would say, they kicked it up a notch.

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love is everywhere you choose

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something i wrote in 2008 that perfectly sums up this blog.  i’ve written a lot of posts and so on days when i am busy or just don’t have it, i can share with you things i learned years ago cuz somebody somewhere is learning this right now. AND i would just like to report that since the post was published 8 years ago, i have indeed dealt with one or two men who were 6’3″.  and realized that is no longer my ideal height for my mate.  in fact, as long as you taller than my baby daddy (not hard to do) we good. hope you had some metaphorical broccoli today.

never not finish

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I never not finish a burger.  I am old. Grateful for something yummy to eat – that’s love. I’m going to try to keep eating cuz I just feel like I’m losing myself if I’m no longer greedy. But for real portion control is good for me. Let’s see who wins. 

beans are more than to eat

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when your former student comes to visit you.  when you met him he was in 6th grade. when you’ve been building a friendship since 1995.  when the mentor becomes the student.  when they turn 25 and start partying with you. when they smoke nicotine with you.  when they become the bar and the mixologist.  when they become a close confidant who tells you to embrace it in 2011.  when IT is the 2nd most devastating reality you had yet to face.  when the love travels from DC to BK to GA.  when you pray for each other.  when you don’t judge each other.  when he thrifts with you.  when he starts getting deep and wise.  when he pays for his entire college tuition.  when he is better at budgeting than you and insists we cook all meals.  when you don’t understand each other but still maintain each other.  when he becomes family.  when God is dope. thank you, bean.  for staying at the dealership with me. for all of it.  the ugly and indifferent.  the love in an other place.

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