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had another great valentines by the way.  let’s see, the 14th year in a row that i’m alone on the 14th.  no biggie. had to turn niggas down cuz i don’t want them. i’d rather be alone.  even though i’m really tired of it and it’s been a long time. but … as Image result for snowden filmcompared to what?  14 years is nothing to God.  and a valentine is nothing compared to my health, my home, my daughter, my feet, my right mind.  the love of jesus really held me this year … i felt the presence of his all-consuming, unconditional love.  his love never hurts.  his love never fails.  his love never hesitates.  his love never wavers. his love never judges. his love img_4243never changes.  his love always forgives.  this year i got me some white tulips and chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting and watched a movie with me. the point of this post is not my aloneness … but snowden.  it was a great movie.  i been fucking with joseph gordon-levitt. there was love.  and i cling to that love.  the love of a higher purpose.  the love in God calling you to do something greater than yourself.  the love of other humans more than yourself.  the love of doing the right thing when it goes against everything you were ever taught.  the courage it takes to love.  as i sat on my couch etched with trees, i felt God loving me through the story of snowden. God knows how i like to have my mind stimulated and my heart inspired by the human spirit.

i hope you find love. all of it.


sweet grit

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Image resultit’s only fitting that i listen to me’shell as i write this. she is apparently the musical director for the show, queen sugar.  i was gonna leave this show alone for a while cuz some black shit i gotta support from a distance.  the trailers were looking amazing and i support Ava Duvernay’s talented ass.  period.  so, to me, the details of the show didn’t matter.  i’m not personally drawn to any shows or movies that are dramas. drama is not my genre of choice.  at all. ever.  but there is a place for it and some black folk need it to accompany their meals.

a friend asked me what i thought so then i had to see it. mind you, i watched ONE episode.  the first one.

and i am going to be as loving and gentle in my words as i can because i will always support the work of independent black artists.  the best aspects of this show were:

  1. cinematography — just like in Selma (DP was Brad Young!!) the shots, the richness, the frames, the focus, the editing … was beauty, quality, depth, and real art
  2. music — AMAZING & PERFECT
  3. acting — above average .. mostly believable and heartfelt

where i think the show can grow:

  1. story — more interesting (not scandalous or over the top), more choices, less melodrama, more uniqueness to each character, then let the authenticity of the characters drive the story
  2. writing — there’s more good black writers, needs some quirkiness, sharpness, tightness, poetry
  3. pace — long shots of crying do not make us feel emotion … pick it up

in summary, there were things i liked and things i did not but at the end i teared up.  i did.Image result for queen sugar  some of it was the music’s fault and some of it was black nostalgia.  i am mainly glad that this show is a balm for much of my community.  i’m reading on FB and twitter that my folks are finding healing in this show.  even if it’s not my own salvation that i find in queen sugar, i appreciate it as a place many will call home.









horror film cadillasick #317

Posted in best of the best, culture, film on December 12, 2008 by loveinotherplaces

this film is john carpenter, 1982 … i was five years old when it was made but i think my mama let me watch it when i was older … like 10 … she used to let me watch all kinds of junk … you know like when i was seven it was the godfather … so if you don’t like horror with lots of blood and gore and wierd stuff this clip is not for you. if you do appreciate that genre … you probly already know this movie. i was watching it last night on cable and i had to share some of it with you … it’s extremely, superbly, well done … old school actors … and the story is strong. i remember loving this shit as a little girl … and as a teenager, a college student … and now, as a grown woman.

enjoy … THE THING …

Protected: the kingdom

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