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as all get out 

Posted in abuse, africa, Daniel Kaluuya, Jordan peele on March 3, 2017 by loveinotherplaces

First love announcement is there are still movie theaters that sell tickets on the cheap. Went with my homegirl to see get out … ironically she (a Black woman) is engaged to marry a white man in 3 months …. we laughed so hard. It’s my firm belief that satire and parody are some of the most effective ways to address racism. 

I love love love love this movie. I love black people. I loved the performances of the main character and the Black woman in this photo. That sister acted her face off. Like literally her face … It was brilliant, Jordan Peele. I was glad to be alive just to witness this. Get out, get your love. 


you’re within/i’m without

Posted in black history, clowns, Daniel Kaluuya, Get out on February 23, 2017 by loveinotherplaces

lianne lahavas sang that in a song. 

now, get out

if i had the coins, i’d go see it this weekend. feeling strong love vibes from that movie.  the trailer alone is enough. you can date who you want but … lmao. 

i like the main actor – daniel kaluuya – but i didn’t like black mirror. my ma made me watch an episode this summer cuz of course it’s her favorite … it is not like twilight zone the show, it IS the twilight zone. i remain confused by what i saw. and it was so boring and formless i was damn near offended. i also hated sicario but the brother’s acting was solid. 

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