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you’re within/i’m without

Posted in black history, clowns, Daniel Kaluuya, Get out on February 23, 2017 by loveinotherplaces

lianne lahavas sang that in a song. 

now, get out

if i had the coins, i’d go see it this weekend. feeling strong love vibes from that movie.  the trailer alone is enough. you can date who you want but … lmao. 

i like the main actor – daniel kaluuya – but i didn’t like black mirror. my ma made me watch an episode this summer cuz of course it’s her favorite … it is not like twilight zone the show, it IS the twilight zone. i remain confused by what i saw. and it was so boring and formless i was damn near offended. i also hated sicario but the brother’s acting was solid. 


i seen the clowns coming in 2010

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this was a major epiphany for me … you will have to use THIS LINK ..

i love thinking about clowns 32 times in my very informal buddhist studies (yes i believe in Jesus Christ – what does that have to do with it?) a wonderful new concept was revealed to me.  ultimately, yes, i believe it was Jesus who revealed it.  anywho … as  i was listening to a zen podcast by my favorite buddhist lecturer, gil fronsdal, he said that ‘we are not our thoughts.’  most people take this to mean … oh, ok, i’m not bad if i have mean thoughts.  yes, absolutely that is … Read More

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