from ashy to ______

This whole season from mid February to mid April is love to me. I often think in lists. 

  • Black history – half is better than none at all
  • Carnival – who don’t like carnival? Ok some don’t but … who are they again?
  • LENT – the chance to get closer to God, to change on the inside. to reflect on the flesh vs. the spirit. I ain’t telling you what I’m giving up. I am also adding something. That’s between me and God this year. In years past I have blogged about it but all you need to know is it’s something I will struggle to leave alone. I love this time to sacrifice and cleanse. I even was blessed to do ash this year. What I heard in my meditation this morning is this: the call of the flesh is always temporary. For my life, this means that if I wait it out, my flesh will calm down, become distracted by something else, and lose intensity. The problem is that the flesh pulls so strongly I don’t feel it will ever subside so I answer the call without even trying to wait it out. The flesh does not always need to be resisted … but lent is a time to explore whether your flesh controls you or if you can master it.  It is a time to go without an earthly thing in order to see how God will fill you with an invisible thing. It is to wander in a wilderness. For 40 days and 40 nights. 
  • St. Patrick’s Day – uh why not, another chance to celebrate white immigrants with whiskey 
  • Madness – the way I love college basketball is disgusting 
  • The resurrection – some call it Easter, but whatever you call it … I love it  

I just want to say thank you to Jesus for being the original lover of all things and the first on earth to see love in all places. 


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