the season of no delay

Been reading this daily book of praise that I got at church. Finished a book of 31 days of prayer which I also loved.  But I can feel the praise taking my spiritual journey to the next level. The part I highlighted in pen was love for me today. Recently been struggling with frustration, impatience, and anger with God for certain trials that I’ve been facing for years. I literally felt all my old impurities stirring within me yesterday. I could have ended up in jail … But this is my season of no delay. I’m getting the hell out of my own way. I want to mature in the spirit and draw all my blessings to my front door. Therefore, I am trying my best not to complain, not even in my head. And when things don’t go my way … I am simply trying to say, thank you. Daily, I’m working to put my pissiness aside and to submit to his plan and his way. Shit is hard. But I’m learning to turn my pain into spiritual power. And I’ve been so hardheaded all my life that I know in my bones I’ve been delaying my own spiritual maturity which in turn delays my miracles. That through my own actions I’ve been sent the same trials multiple times. It’s time for me now to embrace my trials and put all my fear and all my hurt in God’s hands. In this season, I am working on letting God be God. All I really want is .. what God wants for me. And I can’t wait to put my hands on his ass. Whoever and whenever that is. 


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