insecured to the roof of my car

insecure. have we talked about this yet?

there were too many parallels with my real life for me not to create a conspiracy theory Image result for insecurethat someone i know contributed to that show.  lmao.  but for real.  and the world of black people who went to college is way too small for me not to be paranoid.  georgetown.  non profit.  youth development.  a best friend looking for a fairytale. a producer nigga.  been to all of those places and seen all that with my own two.

not that it matters … just interesting.

issa rae is phenomenal.  she has what we call in the performing arts: presence.  she vibrates through the screen.  she’s dope. she got a light inside her eyeballs and a knack for humor.

i did fast forward some parts cuz i’m retarded.  i might have ADD sometimes.  and usually, if i lived it or if it’s too melodramatic, i don’t want it.  i mostly fast forwarded the parts about her non-profit struggles with white people.  it’s like, if i live this in real life, why do Image result for issa raei want to re-live it again during my free time?  i refuse.

but some of this show had me laughing out loud.  she reminds me of that time in my life when i had just broke up with my BD and i had a baby in my back seat and a mattress strapped to the roof of my car. early twenties and dumb as hell. low self esteem and totally insecure .. thinking i was grown as fuck (that’s for issa).

her raps are cute. her delivery of her raps are cuter.  her little fumbles are cute.  her men are cute.  her friends are cute.  the music is pretty cool at times.  she engaged me.  and that’s not easy. there’s plenty love when turning insecurities into art and profit.










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