wicked wicked real food 

Here’s some love for you. This new line of frozen food – evol – tastes like real food. They high end with it too. I’ve only tried the one featured in the photo and I liked it so much I had to share with the internets. Sysed it up with a lil hot sauce. They have some kind of Korean taco one with kim chee (eh) but I will be trying their truffle Mac and cheese. Just cuz I gotta see what frozen truffles taste like. Found in Target. And I did notice as I was taking the photo that EVOL is LOVE spelled backwards. I bet Future knew that. I’m happy to be late. Now I’m going to clean my kitchen counter. 


One Response to “wicked wicked real food ”

  1. […] Finally tried this … I don’t even really like truffles but the foodie in me had to know. And yes, it was good. I’ll never eat it again cuz I don’t like truffle flavor that much but for those of you with different palates than mine, have at it. Truffles are still one of the most expensive food items on the global market. Best thing I ever had that had anything to do with this fungi was an aged steak in a Boston restaurant – they said chef had rubbed it in truffle oil before cooking it. Best steak ever. Didn’t taste a drop of truffle. Either way, it’s love. When there’s no one to trace your spine with their finger or to press your lips on, sink your teeth into something else. And if there is a someone, enhance your love with good food.  […]

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