my husband to be is mr. darcy.  only my downfall would be pride and his would be prejudice.  i’m not really judgmental but i definitely have my pride about me (working on it).  i’ve already been in love with jane austen’s fictional white man and the book he rode his horse in on for a long time.  so when i heard about them zombifying the british classic, pride & prejudice, i was geeked.  i hoped that the film would be better than abraham lincoln’s zombies (his vampire hunting days were better) and would retain the essence of the original story.

it did.  first off, you have to love and know the novel.  and evenAbraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Poster then, the addition of zombies might not do much for you.  i happen to have an affection for zombies, various types of living dead, and fighting.  secondly, you cannot take life too seriously if you really want to enjoy this movie.  this is not for the serious of heart.

they wove the old story with the new very seamlessly – i was shocked.  the mix of british pretension and cultural predilictions for card parties, courtship rituals, social stratification etc. was blended perfectly with the new narrative about walking dead aristocracy and the survivalist training of women.

there were feminist overtones which were love.  ladies in the sitting room cleaning their guns.  fearless ladies slicing and chopping up zombies in their ball gowns and ringlets.

the surprise performance was delivered by the man who played the annoying cousin, mr. collins.  he did an inspired version of mr. collins that the world has never seen before and which had me laughing all by myself on my couch.

and they stuck with the bones of the story.  it was brilliantly done if you ask me. i find love in the practice of zombifying.  i can think of all kinds of things that need zombifying … trump, hillary, zimmerman, israel, iraq, flint, ferguson, zika … there’s lots of love to be discovered with this.  zombie cops … zombifying represents taking the absurd and placing it on a revered subject so that it is rendered powerless.









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