a chair is still a chair

been gone from this blog for two long, hard years.  returning feels deliciously like coming home.  a lot has happened in the world and in my journey so here is the quick & dirty for me.  places where i had to find love even when it was obscured in hatred, death, tyranny, injustice, pain and ugliness.

i took the piss. a lot. at work.  more Black men & women were killed by the police.  i fell in twitter and fell out.  i’ve still got one good, strong leg in there.  one time i worked 24 days straight.  the walking dead gave me life.  and game of thrones drew me in.  i finally got a smarter phone and emojis and instagram brought me into the technological age.

my father passed.  after 10 days in hospice.  a former lover of mine was Image result for ebrojimurdered – shot 7 times. my grandmother went to heaven this march.  she was my paw paw and she was better than all of us.

and mostly, i spent my time praying and waiting on the Lord.  don’t get me wrong, i did my action part … and i waited.  he began turning my life around in many different areas and he still is.  this is how i got back here.

there was love in all the hardship.  there is love in every mistake i made.  there is love in every loss.  there was love on the slow days.  and on the alone days. and there was love in the rain.  there was love in the famine. love in the not knowing when it would end.  there was that love in missing my blog and yearning to be home free.

welcome back to my heart and my insides.  i been waiting to spill my guts.  muah.




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