new love for oldboy

oldboy_poster-e1366109577513spike lee does it again.  he stamped some love all over his latest feature, oldboy.  a remake of a Korean original with a mostly white cast plus some bright spots of color.  so, it’s a divergence for spike … and i think it’s healthy.   i think it’s always positive to mix it up.  whatever that means :).  ok, it means, keep your art fresh, push yourself to try different things.

oldboythe cinematography, camera angles, editing — all superb.  the script was strong.  the action was great!!!  and the way he did the flashbacks was phenomenal.  then there was the twist.  i ain’t see the Korean joint.  talk about a mind-f*ck!  and he did it in such a great understated way at the end.  we got it.  and we almost puked ourselves – in a GREAT way!  i think spike showed us again why he is one of the greatest film directors of all time.

nooo, i don’t care if ‘they’ ever give him an Oscar.  he’s brilliant.  he’s one of the best to ever do it.  there’s no price on that knowledge … you spikecan’t weigh it in gold bodies.  he just better know it and keep making great films.  i mean, spike might want one … i just hope he knows we adore his work without it. and the world needs his work … hope he don’t wait on it.

*addendum: spike – i (mostly) agree with you about gentrification.


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