embrace perspective

limitlessi do not mean the perception of others.  but perspective as a choice.

how we perceive everything – even perceiving how we are perceived – can become a choice.  it takes internal work.

this ted talk about embracing the shake is divine.  there is rich love in what the artist is sharing.  i would even go so far as to not call them limitations but rather ‘what-are-widely-perceived-as-limitations’.  sh*t happens that we cannot control.  but we do control how we perceive that sh*t.  it takes internal work.

we often ask – i have asked, why me?  why did God make me this way?  why did God allow this to happen to me?  why did Godembracing-the-shake-why-limitations-drive-creativity take this from me?

and I say: cuz he’s a good God.  if we change our perspective, all things can be positive.  that’s why it can be half-full or half-empty.

i don’t know anyone born with a totally full cup.  we all have weaknesses, shortcomings, and challenges.  we all have some area where we are limited.  sometimes it’s our finances.  sometimes we don’t have access to quality education.  sometimes we have an underbite.  sometimes we are missing tastebuds.  bruce_final-613x344

embrace your trauma.  embrace the way God made you.  embrace your current reality.  just dive in and mentally insist that it is good.  because it is.  and it will be.   look for the abundance and you will find it.  because this is how, with half a cup, your cup cherunneth over. 

embrace the power to change your perspective.  and it will change your life.  it can and will make you happy.  you will and can discover love.  everywhere.  you choose to see it.




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