i love when rand paul talks like this

tea-partyas for me, I think it’s all connected.  the murder of jordan davis and what one sister has discussed as ‘the post-traumatic MASTER syndrome’ is invariably linked to the irrational thinking of the super-rich … and their inevitable meltdown.  it’s then connected to republican political irrationality of generations past and present.  it’s all antiquated thinking.  anti-immigration stances – antiquated … xenophobia.  the murders of innocent black boys – antiquated … lynchings and intolerance.  the individual vs. the collective – antiquated … binary/duality dichotomy.  when will we realize we can have … both/and … that it doesn’t have to be … either/or.

these folks are very afraid which is why I love when rand paul talks like this.  they are not just afraid that we are ‘on to their tricks’ cuz if we were really on to them we’d be up in arms – they aint worried about getting caught.  they’re worried about the end of their way of life.  what they’re most afraid of is CHANGE.  actually leaving the ideologies of antiquity in … antiquity.  granted, rand paul’s words are baby steps.  lynch

but as I’ve said before and will continue to say: long-lasting, fundamental change takes a long ass time.  it’s not enough to simply change our immigration laws or our gun laws.  we must change our minds.

and the super-rich, the conservatives, the tea partiers, the IMF, the world bank  … they smell change in the air.  that’s why they drew from an antiquated concept and name such as the tea party … and founded their little party in recent years.  it’s part of the cycle of reactionary politics.  but the yinyang2cycles are never exactly the same … they are slowly spiraling us forward in time and incorporating the baby steps.

i respectfully and faithfully disagree with ta-nehisi coates in the atlantic that this particular legacy will always win.

sure, I believe in old ideas myself … about God and love … but I don’t find them antiquated … I think certain ideas are stuck in certain points of time and they do not serve us in the present or for the future – I think we can add more light; we could have peace on earth.

be encouraged.  there’s the biggest love in the smallest stuff.


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