that don jon love

don_jonwhen I saw the trailer for this film, don jon, I felt there was gonna be love there.  my instincts were right.

the writing and directorial debut of joseph Gordon-levitt was well-executed, well-acted, well-paced, well-written, well, well, well … I was pleasantly pleased.

it was smart.  it was funny.  it was entertaining.  it was love.  it was joy.  it had energy.  it had a great rhythm.  it made me smile.  a lot.

I thought the editing was sharp.  the dialogue was witty and authentic.  there was a lightheartedness, a tongue in cheek flavordon-jon-tony-danza-joseph-gordon-levitt-600x398 that didn’t take itself too seriously.  there was a subtle current of social commentary and wisdom.  it was simple.  in a good way.  it was thorough.  it was stylishly and smoothly handled.

it had a message.  but it didn’t beat you over the head with it.  it was like Hollywood arthouse.  what a great use of tony danza’s talent.  julianne moore’s aging and beautiful face. and scarlett johansson’s mouth.  her accent was dead to rights (she is from NYC).  so was Gordon-levitt’s for that matter.

real substance.  I’m now officially tracking Gordon-levitt’s star and expecting more loving projects from him.


One Response to “that don jon love”

  1. […] of this post is not my aloneness … but snowden.  it was a great movie.  i been fucking with joseph gordon-levitt. there was love.  and i cling to that love.  the love of a higher purpose.  the love in God […]

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