forever empty … is the forever love

check this great clip of comedian, louis c.k., on the conan show .. Louis c.k. is surprisingly profound and insightful.  he is spot on about the ability to just sit there … to be a person … and that a ‘forever empty’ feeling often chases us … the aloneness we avoid … the way we fill up our lives with things and activities … and the inability of parents to walk the road less traveled.  it is when i embraced the forever emptiness, the aloneness, and the road less traveled that i encountered the best love, the most all consuming love and became filled with something invisible, intangible, and almighty.  i invite you to embrace your forever emptiness … just be … sad … and get it out the way.  try not to let it build … cuz we push away that first bit of sad …. which might be the doorway to a beautiful happiness.


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