love strong nostrils

sherman nostrilsi do!  i love a strong nostril within the African phenotype … Richard Sherman has some great ones.  and speaking of him … all I have to say about the matter is that those who want to judge Sherman (with his cute self) are … judgmental.  who cares that he was intense, yelling and hype?  or boastful?  WHO CARES????  and why is that negative?

if you want to be judgmental, that’s your right. after all, who am I to judge you hmmm?  if you find yourself mildly or in part embarrassed by mr. Sherman, than you care deeply about the perception of others.  and you find passionate displays of confidence and/or emotion to be … what word would you use?  uncivilized?  barbaric?  crazy?  nuts?  angry? blackery?  i read blackery on  a friends’s wall in facebook.  i am much more concerned with how black people are now policing other black people …

i love people who express themselves passionately.  love em.  and their nostrils.  see the video of his public display for yourself:


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