love we can

savesyriagraffwith this whole syria thing … there’s either a fear-based or a love-based approach.  those are the only two underlying motivations.  naturally, i am in favor of love.

it’s amazing to me that love is the radical and revolutionary choice.  it’s hard for people to let the fear go.  the urge to defend and protect, the inclination to attack and punish with brute force or violent maneuvering. people do this in their day to day dealings.  we all do it.  because fear is a human, fleshly, material-based phenomenon.  we fear what we see and touch, we fear the unknown.  in the case of syria both politicians and civilians fear the usage of WMD’s (even though the same folks created them) and we fear how the U.S. will be perceived by the world.

love urges us not to act with our military but with our hearts.  it would take a lot of out-the-box thinking to strategize about ways to act in a manner full of peace and love.  why can’t we have peace save-syria_512c6da9d8524talks.  why can’t we risk lives for love rather than fear.  it would be radical for the united states to suggest communication.  it would be revolutionary for the united states to offer mediation to both the rebels and the assad regime.  for one thing, we haven’t mastered these practices ourselves.  there are very few skilled in the art of conflict resolution and international healing.  on an individual level, very few of us exercise open and honest communication in our homes.

one long term loving solution is to truly empower the UN and to make it more competent.  and the revolutionary love solution is to insist on peace. and to be the change we want to see.  some of you snort and think that’s never going to happen.  but it starts with each body making a choice to believe in the power of love.  the choice belongs to each one of us every moment of every day.

and that’s why it’s radical and revolutionary.  it’s hard and it feels abnormal.  it feels weak and wrong.  when in actuality it is the bravest thing we can do.  to step out on faith and say, no, i’m not afraid of WMDs.  i’m not afraid to be perceived as cowardly.  in fact, i’m not afraid by how others perceive me at all.  i’m not afraid of Crocodile_tears_for_Syriaothers attacking me.  i’m not afraid because i believe i have an ultimate protector.  i’m not afraid because nothing material on this earth can demolish my soul.

but we are afraid.  it is ingrained in us to rely on weapons, punishment, retribution, destruction, and the attempt to control.  it is ingrained in us to create ‘others’ until we live their pain.  when we finally realize we are not in control and that we are all the same, we may finally love.

love is the rare choice.  love would compel us to be entirely different.  and it would change this world 360 degrees.

love we will?  i don’t know.  love we can … yes, absolutely.


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