i love black men (part 1)

i love them for their diversity of expression.  the videos below were created by black men.  with the exception of august alsina’s video … in that case, the only thing i am sure of is that a black man contributed to the concept of the video (which was more than enough for me).  these videos are about how black men see themselves and express themselves.  i love the various paradigms of manhood, culture and identity that black men engage with and how they manifest in reality.  one day i’d like to do a multi-media/video installation exhibit around this theme.  i’d like to get on video some interviews and panel discussions with black men discussing what it means to them personally to be a black man in a …. world.  the black men would be the creators of these videos and others chosen at random.  the panel audience would be a diverse mix of races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, and ages.  the exhibit would be a dialectic between the expression (the video product shown below) and the internal reflection (the interviews and panels) … and there would be no winner, no better, no judgment.  there just is … who we are, who we think we are, who we say we are, and what we do.  that is life.  that is how personhood is lived and experienced.   and i love it all.


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