self-reflexive racism or vomit in my mouth

i been on time-out cuz of trayvon martin. tryna process where we at in 2013’s America. trying hard to let the hate and anger out my heart .. i want to love all people but damn some folks make it hard. so, i’m posting a blog i wrote in 2007 which sadly i could have written this weekend. actually, my analysis in ’07 was a little off .. dogs are treated better than black people in America.  be safe out there … and i encourage critical thinking.

love in other places

it comes back to haunt you.

treat a human like a dog. and the dog-who-used-to-be-human will bite you in the ass.

i am almost sick of talking about this shit. some people wanna argue racism don’t exist. meanwhile i been living neck-deep in racist shit everyday of my life. i am certainly sick of living it. but since i got to live it; i got to tell it.

also, i’m an intelligent person …. and i’d like to be able to build a case (and i could if i set aside a few hours) for all you non-believers but as don miguel says, the truth stands. i will not make a case for racism. i have experienced and witnessed its truth. believe me or not.

and what i know to be true about it is this: when you are a victim of racism you come to hate the racist. i…

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