love thy meds & thy research

this blog does not necessarily share the sentiments expressed in the following videos … just saying.  my disclaimer.  i found love in this series of ‘inside man’ cuz it was much better journalism on cnn’s part than ‘black in America.’  although if you have to watch that series there’s a little love in this portion (which does reference the 1drop project which i am a part of … see how complicated love is).  as a black (human) in America i reserve the right to critique anything that claims blackness in America.

but back to the topic at hand: there’s love in doing the research … going to the primary source.  this first video doesn’t capture all of the show so, if you can, try to check out the rest of this episode some day … somewhere.  the best part was when the customers/patients/medicinal cardholders were interviewed a.k.a. the primary source.  i love any critical thinking exercises … as in, why do we take these synthetic pills the conventional doctors prescribe?  i find love in alternative forms of healing.

and while we’re on the topic … i found this ny times op-ed piece and ensuing video discussion to be full of love … because as the ‘pot-smoking-dad’ put it, “let’s be clear” … the best way to understand an issue is to research the primary source of information.  mark wolfe is just another primary source … his kids would be another primary source …


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