love in the time of hurricane irene

i’ve said it before in a previous blog but: “what is most important, in the words of the Diamond Sutra, is to ‘develop a mind that clings to nothing.’  only then will we be able to see things as they actually are and respond with the full range of our emotional capacity and wisdom.” (wherever you go there you are, p. 119)

especially in these uncertain times, i find this approach to life to be extremely helpful.  through the earthquake, the hurricane, and the emotional turmoil of relocating … i push myself to cling to nothing.  that means i care, i try, i do my best and then i give up and let the wind, rain, and children do what they must.  i choose to be happy through 100 mph gusts and i choose to be happy when others around me are angry and sad. 

i cry and i pray but then i pick myself up off the floor and i smile.  i go out and stock the place with water and canned goods; i take all the plants off the balcony.  and then i surrender to the storm. 

i weather the storms of life by clinging to nothing … and leaning heavily on Jesus.  storms have purposes that we cannot see.  storms are part of the progression of life.  they re-formulate beaches and people … they cleanse and they purge … they reveal what we are most attached to.  storms reveal to us those things to which we cling most desperately.

for some of us we discover during the storm that we are most attached to our louboutin heels, our baseball cards, our electricity, our food, our motor vehicle … whatever it is, the storm will create fear and discomfort as we think about losing what we consider most precious.

my storm has revealed that the one thing on earth i cling to by the edges of my fingernails is … my daughter.  and i can’t just wrap her up in plastic and bring her in off the balcony.  i can’t put her on a high shelf so that she is forever untouched by flood waters.  humans and especially family and fundamentally, all things fleshy, are the hardest to uncling from our hearts, our minds, and our very souls. 

but i push myself to understand high truths … 1) if i de-cling, i can actually negotiate the storm better, 2) we own nothing, we are temporary stewards of everything we have, 3) love is not clinging and, 4) i can’t make another person happy and another person cannot make me happy. 

so why not fling … all to the wind … and let God bring me through the storm.





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  1. Very nice looking heels. 😉

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