DIY: brain under construction

my body parts are still technically all connected and i am in one piece.  mentally … there are parts of me all over the place …

no, really.

in a good way.  in a ‘i’m re-configuring my brain’ kind-of-way.  everything i ever said out loud was a lie.  and everything i ever thought is a lie too.  i am who i thought i was.  but mostly i’m not.  you see what i mean?  granted, there is major transition going on in my life …  which always stirs my juices.

as for DIY, my daughter just told me what this acronym stands for and that it’s got major circulation in popular culture right now and she is, of course, correct cuz now i see it everywhere.  and it’s not my favorite … anything can be DIY … doesn’t that go without saying (the letters DIY)?

this was  just a brief update.  peace still abounds … when i’m not snapping.  and peace still permeates … while depression hovers (waiting to pounce on a good chunk of weak flesh) … and God has been keeping me positive, productive, in perspective, and protected.


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