cooking counts

yes, indeed.  the blessing i am counting today is the fact that despite my years of resistance, i can cook.  i made the most delicious chicken and steak this weekend.  i am counting this blessing because i love to eat.  and i hate to cook.  so it’s truly a miracle when i cook because it means that God magically changes me for several hours.

what a blessing … that when it really comes down to it, i can save money by cooking.  what a blessing that i can enjoy what i eat – cuz i cooked it good. 

not only can i cook but i cook best without a recipe.  i invent flavor pairings and my intuition and the Holy Spirit guides me in the kitchen.  i marinated my chicken for at least 11 hours on sunday in a mixture of freshly squeezed lemon juice, olive oil, tarragon, parsley, fresh garlic, thyme, a dash of red cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt.  i didn’t know how it was going to taste but it felt right.  then i put together a marinade for my steak.  i love balsamic flavoring with steak so i soaked the meat in some of that vinegar and added olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. 

i am trying to save money … so the plan was to prepare the steak for dinner along with the red-skinned mashed potatoes and broccoli while the chicken cooked in the oven.  i was going to eat the chicken for lunch at work.  what a blessing that the steak came out tender, juicy, and tasty.  of course, my potatoes and broccoli were perfect. 

but it was the lemon tarragon chicken that was the hit!  it was sooooo lemony … and flavorful.  i shoulda took a picture cuz it crisped and browned so well when i cooked it (at 450 for about an hour).  and as i was looking for pics on the internet i discover that lemon tarragon chicken already existed and there are many recipes for it … so to be clear … i do not use lemon-pepper seasoning (hate the stuff) and i read no recipe beforehand. 

i am thankful to God that he gave me some natural cooking abilities which i often squander and that he was with me in the kitchen.   and i was very much at peace preparing food with love for my daughter and my wallet.

consider this blessing counted. 


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