the business of counting blessings

that’s what business i’m in right now.  counting my blessings.  i hunted peace down, i dug holes to find her, i walked barefoot by myself for miles in my sleep, i waited in the tall grass being so very still, i overturned every stone, i fell on my face in the cold gravel, and i prayed.   she found me.  yet, i cling to her.   i was getting away from myself – it always happens – i’m starting to plan for it so it’s not devastating the next time.  so i drew myself back into each day at a time.  in the midst of this turmoil to re-center, re-ground, re-everything i count my blessings … if i can count tomorrow then maybe i’ll be back with a fresh list.  can i tell you that my pointer finger on my right hand has been twitching.  involuntary motions.  sigh.  i have credited my stressful job for that. i am now working on de-stressing and removing energy blockages so that the nerves can allow invisible travel through my fingers. 

1. my roller set & haircut (haven’t had a professional cut my hair in 8 years)

2. my daughter’s new haircut (let her love herself, Jesus)

3. the golden girls

4. the office

5. maori karmael holmes

6. tamara wyche mobley

7. karie gaska

8. liyah k. brown


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