getting in the fat until 12 am

let’s not call it a tradition.  but every year i do something for lent.  i began in 2006 or so.  that first year i added 15 minutes of devotional time to my day – i ain’t stopped praying since … so, i believe in the power of lent.

today is often referred to as fat tuesday and tomorrow (the first day of lent) as ash wednesday.  i don’t really do ash but i definitely do lent.  i am not catholic … and i might never be. 

i am peacefully gnawing at the time.  on the one hand i am excited to start the rest on my non-carcenogenic lifestyle and on the other … i’m going to miss one of my best friends.  that nicotine has been with me through thick and thin.  through all of them.  through the worst and through the best. 

but it’s time.  and i am going to take that time to create more room in my life for the things i have been smoking away.  i don’t want to talk anymore about it.  i will be peaceful through this withdrawal (God willing) or at the very least i will try my darnedest to be peaceful … i will fight the urges and impatience and desire and memories and addiction.  sigh.  let me not get ahead of myself – today of all days. 

i can get fat all day, today.  i can smoke like a chimney.  after midnight – don’t talk to me!


One Response to “getting in the fat until 12 am”

  1. […] what I’m giving up. I am also adding something. That’s between me and God this year. In years past I have blogged about it but all you need to know is it’s something I will struggle to leave alone. I love this time […]

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