smaller than a phone, bigger than a (mustard) seed

people often say, ‘it’s the little things.’  i have written about it myself in previous posts … but i can’t say it enough.

one kind word from my niece.  one visit to a school to ask about one child (who is 12 and might be pregnant.)  one smile from a stranger.  one page from a book.  one phone call from a long and lost friend struggling to rebuild his life.  one kind e-mail from a teenager.  one blog.  one day.

my spirit is soft and airy these days.  i am at peace.  i feel very small.  in a good way.  i feel close to my Lord. 

i haven’t been doing anything exciting in the sense of fast cars or high fashion.  i haven’t achieved anything major in the sense of a new degree, a new dog, or a new handbag even.  ok, ok let me retract that – i filed my taxes!  and that is major for petunia estelle (me) because i have never done that before april 15th – in my 33 years of living! 

lent is approaching (march 9th) … my favorite period of self-denial and i know what i will be denying myself.  i am happy to be small and silent and satisfied.  that way things that appear big in magazines – clothes, relationships, restaurants, travel, ipads, and nice sneakers – are also very small to me. 

i have been praying a lot.  and that is my favorite time.  it’s so quiet and comforting to be with The Most High.


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