any day now

peace is like a cold stone today.  silent, steady, but cold.  for some reason, i hit the road today in a fog.  as an emotional person by nature sometimes emotions just hit me.  and i’m done thinking.  i know why my heart aches and i know why my heart hurts.  and i’ve overanalyzed it, propagandized it, clarified, reduced, unpacked, and disassembled every thought and action that led me here.  and in my search for peace i realize that all that is left to do is hurt.  i know it’s temporary.  i believe i will win.  i have faith.  i still cried in the car on the way to work because the pain welled up and would not stay inside.  i’ve aleady talked about leaking.  just wanted to be honest about where i’m at today.  peace is a mental battle.  i’ve been staying prayed up because i hear my thoughts attacking me.  and i’m fighting.  i just can’t wait to be healed.  to be released.  so that joy can flow easily and freely.  i will continue to speak life to my situation today.  i will be healed.  i shall be released.  any day now …


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