what would MLK do?

would you believe my internet was out for a few days?  i don’t understand technology.  how do you have it one minute and it’s gone the next?  WHERE does it GO?

anyways … it’s one of my favorite holidays.  i love MLK Jr.  i have posted about him before  although briefly when it was not his holiday.  he is like WEB Dubois to me … somehow i know him.  when you read a piece of writing from a great mind sometimes you feel that you know that mind.  that you understand some of who he or she was – on the inside.   … you fall in love with their spirit.  and we still can’t wait for another martin.  we must do our best to be like the best parts of him.

i had peace about no internet.  and i have peace about this situation at work i am dealing with.  two of my students and their parents are in conflict.  the mom claims that some other little girl cussed her daughter out.  all i keep asking myself is:  what would dr. king do? 

so i call them on my day off and i try to instill a spirit of peacefulness and positivity.  cuz these are parents from my culture and my culture is confrontational for the most part.  yes, the father of the other child actually mentioned vaseline on the phone to me today.  i sigh.  i pray.  that i will do what dr. king would do … don’t know what it is yet but having peace is believing.  so no worries, i am going to lovingly resolve this conflict tomorrow …


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