but i’ll eat it

yesterday, i voted myself best kraft macaroni & cheese maker.  i really do have it down to a science.  i’m the only person i know who can make it taste almost like real cheese … my daughter now calls these snow days being ‘cooped up’.  she was ready to go back to school 48 hours ago.  i just thank Jesus he invented the concept (because i am totally convinced that He did) of ‘working from home.’  we will run out of food by tomorrow …. todays meals will be a mish-mosh (my grandmother’s word for smorgasbord) of hamburgers, yellow rice, kraft mac & cheese, spaghetti … we have no bread, no parmesan cheese, no any kind of cheese … but we will make it.  i have like ten cases of ramen and a can of chicken noodle soup if all else fails.  we have lots of water … fresh milk … no eggs.   i am at peace!   so far so good today and yesterday was a ball. 

a friend of mine was able to visit despite the ice and he brought fresh vegetables!  i took a nice hot shower.  i was able to re-up on movies.  one was good – dead man running.  and piranha was not.  ok, piranha was actually better then i thought it would be but way oversexed.  and dead man running was the surprise sleeper hit!  excellent storyline and plot, pretty good acting (even 50 cent was ok).  don’t disregard this movie because curtis jackson is in it.  it’s a british, semi-indie flick with a bold hero and his mother … check it. 

as i prayed this morning i thought about you – blogworld.  i thought of sharing a bit on how i pray.  lately it’s important that everyday i affirm and remind myself what i believe.  i also tend to repeat over and over to God that i trust him.  and then i mentally rifle through moments in my life that i didn’t think would work out but by the grace of God they did.  and when i ask for what i’d like to receive i do so with those memories, confident that if it’s in his will, it is done. already.

i claim my victory.  i visualize how it happens and the positive feelings that will flow through me.  i absolutely do not always get my way.  but the other part of prayer is to visualize me not getting my way and still trusting that it’s for my good.  so, i recall times in my past when life didn’t feel so good, and God took away my favorite toy, or plopped me in the middle of an uncomfortable time … and how i still made it and how after enough time has passed from the unfortunate event … i start to see the dominoes ripple … for my good. for  every bad thing that has happened in my life, i can find the good.  i may not like the good at first but i keep waking up and the good gets gooder. 

what can i say?  pray in good faith.  pray in confidence.  pray in trust.  and if he doesn’t give you what you want … he will give you peace over not getting what you want.   


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