ice day and that’s not frozen dandruff

snow day part two.  atlanta is shut down.  well, for the most part.  i drove 20 miles an hour and made it safely to the nearest publix (supermarket).  i wish i could even say that i bought some food there.  but it was more like a movie emergency.  i needed new movies (we don’t have cable) and that $1 blockbuster machine is my latest addiction.  no, seriously.  i am pretty addicted … i am still maintaining my peace.  i begin to think God is trying to fortify my spirit.   why is it that the world is so the opposite of peace?  people say the darndest things.  people do the darndest things.  and then peace flies out the window and all hell breaks loose.  i am slowly preparing my self to deal with such people.  cruddy drivers.  rude customers.  irate parents and children.  supervisors i cannot fathom.  i’m rolling with it.  they can’t have my peace!  i’m rolling like a snowball i have yet to throw … i’m picking up more flakes of peace as each day goes by.  today was perfect.  i enjoyed my daughter,  i worked from home, we had lots of giggles, we did two loads of laundry, we were well fed, and now i’m sipping some champagne – i mean prosecco.  i continue to feel centered.  i continue to pray.  i am planting seeds for the children i serve at my job.  i am planting seeds for my daughter’s middle school education.  i am planting seeds of love in this blog.  i hope they grow in your heart, out your mouth and through your head.  i am planting seeds for my future by grounding myself in the present moment.  i am content.  i trust God knows what he is doing with this 24 hours.  and tomorrow will bring it’s own problems … let’s pray we all wake up!  cuz guess what … the schools are closed again tomorrow … in atlanta snow goes unplowed, turns to ice, and its’ a wrap.  so, if you live in atlanta and you are home with your kid(s) tomorrow here’s an activity:


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