a peace of cold

of course, today, i had an abundance of peace.  here in atlanta it was an official SNOW DAY.

snow must be some kind of peace in and of itself.  it falls so gently.  it looks and is edible and delicious.  it reminds us of the favoritist of things:  heavy cream, marscapone, sugar, whipped cream, frosting, icing, mashed potatoes ……….. something divine exists in the snow.

it can turn the most ugly landscape into a  magical place.  and just the sight will bring peace to your heart.  it reminds us of clean times.  fresh times.  and second chances.

it keeps us home – away from the hustle and bustle of the world.  it paralyzes a city.  cancels schools.  closes the office.  and reminds you of who is really in charge of this life!  and that kind of reminder is the essence of peace – remembering we are always in the will of God … why fight the snow.


2 Responses to “a peace of cold”

  1. blackwatertown Says:

    The other thing is the sound – everything is softened, cushioned, absorbed. Apart from the crump crump of your tread compacting the snow, it’s so quiet. Less traffic and the noise of what persists is deadened. It’s the different soundscape that grabs me as I gaze over the snowscape.

    • loveinotherplaces Says:

      yes, yes, yes! an unnatural silence and stillness … … and that cushion factor … also that crunch as you walk … thank you!

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