in the black radio

what my brain forgot yesterday was r. kelly. 

in between the news about kanye and lil kim was the review of r. kelly’s soul train awards performance.  do you know where i’m going with this?  what i also forgot to mention is that the young lady on the radio was a little shocked that kanye was still getting booed and she wondered aloud why people couldn’t just get over it.  maybe that’s a symptom of a larger problem in black radio and the black community – we get over the things which we might could dwell on.

i am all about forgiveness but sometimes it’s hard for me to forget (although, clearly i did forget about R-ah just yesterday).  but i just cannot seem to forget the image of r. kelly peeing on a teenage girl.  i saw it with my own eyes.  and i will never forget.  so as the radio disc jockey gushed about how great r. kelly’s soul train extravaganza was and how it was like a cabaret and how talented he is and how great he sounded and how wonderful it was and isn’t r. kelly the greatest and let me play the live version for you …

… i thought to myself … did we really just forget how he peed on that female child?  as black people … are we really going to move on like it didn’t happen?  i mean, i don’t know r. kelly and i certainly don’t judge him … but do we have to sweep it under the rug?  do we have to get amnesia about why he hasn’t been on the scene as much in the last five years?  and are we not curious about what’s going on with the case?  and why don’t we ask r. kelly to do a tribute to young women?  why aren’t we asking r. kelly to make a new statement on what he allegedly did?  why aren’t we addressing the sexual abuse that might have occurred in our community?

cuz we’d rather forget than heal.  we’d rather sing and dance than talk and cry.  we’d rather buy his cd than remember.  well, r. kelly might put on a nice cabaret but he has some other business to answer to – far as i’m concerned.  and i say that out of love.  love for my brother and my young sisters and humanity. 

and yes, i chose a photo of kelly from circa 1990 cuz i will also never forget what he looked like in them days …

no mistake gets swept under the soul train soundstage … it gets learned from.  or it repeats itself.  ya dig?


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