words are worser

yo, george bush makes me laugh hysterically.  so does kanye west.  is it any coincidence that the two of them together is even funnier.  the conversation goes likes this (more or less):

kanye:  george w. bush don’t care about black people!

george:  that’s the worst thing anyone has ever said to me.  worser than katrina or WMDs.

kanye: (5 years later)  i’m sorry, george.

george: ok, i forgive you.

LOL.  i am working on refraining from negative comments or judgment so, i am just going to say i find it hilarious.  and this interview of gw bush and matt lauer is full of hilarious g. bush moments … he gets real about his alchoholism and i hear he truly uses the word ‘worser’ ………..  enjoy life. 


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