love in the accounting

i love me.  i love how i recently fell off the face of the blog world.  not that … i was ever famous in the blog world.  but i was definitely a consistent contributor.  i love how i just do what i want when i feel it.  i ain’t been feeling like writing blogs.  took about a 3-4 month break.  i thought we might be getting a divorce, me and this blog … and then i woke up today.

and i wanted to write.  and share … i love how i am only accountable to God.  i love how he doesn’t care if i blog or not.  if i finish my master’s thesis or not.  i love the time i spent with myself.  not blogging.  maybe i’ll start a NEW blog called:  ‘not blogging’ …. probly not.

i spent the last few months just living … and i emerge more in love with myself.

so, i consider that, time well spent.


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