love in the paradigms that built the house your brain lives in

a) the famous painter, henri matisse, once said that he doesn’t paint the table … he paints how the table makes him feel.  this is my exact approach to painting and writing.

b) i also believe the u.s. empire is coming to a close … the euro will continue to beat the dollar and we will no longer intervene in international affairs as the ‘policeman’ for the world; and i am relieved by this notion … maybe we can clean up our shores instead of worrying about everyone else’s.

c) i reject slim thug’s assertions as to what black women need to do to get a successful black man … i really don’t want slim thug anyway.  or anyone like him.  but i will gladly and caringly fold the drawers and socks of the man i love.  i will iron his shirt even when we are both in a rush.  i will wake up early to take care of him just as i do for my daughter.  but, i wouldn’t lift my left pinky toe for a slim thug.  and i do like ’em slim ….

d) i am of the mind that every human who lives and breathes makes some impact on the earth.  manute bol passed recently and i didn’t even know … and i want to take a moment to honor his life.

e) i operate this blog based on the notion that the sharing of information will empower people to make more informed choices.  for those in america who were paranoid about obama, you can lay those fears to rest.  feel free to like him now that you are secure that many muslims do not.  does anyone else find this poll to be kind of wierd?


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