i love fourths

is it odd that i ate fried chicken and macaroni&cheese for breakfast practically every day this week?

what does that have to do with puerto rico you might ask.  you might not.

well, i am going to that pretty island in august and i am planting seeds to have a 4-pack at that time.  i want to get more tone and tightness out of my body so that i can maximize my bathing suits and my beach time.  therefore, i have added running and more crunches to my exercise routine.  i am already seeing results from my mile jogs in the park!  and i am eating less … but my less is probably still more than your more.  for me, this means two double cheeseburgers from burger king instead of four.  it means two helpings at lunch and dinner not five.  it means one less plate of pasta (probably 3 will fill me up).  it means listening to my body and stopping when i’m full (i’ve been known to just keep right on eating).  i have never been on a real diet in my life and i’m not starting now.

so, i ate fried chicken and mac and cheese for breakfast – consistently.  i’m still loosing fat and building muscle so i’m eating what i like.   i also do 10-20 minutes of yoga and jump the rope at least 100 times 5-6 days a week.   The running is probably 4 times a week.  so try that and see if your body is like mine, you too can eat fried and cheesy foods for breakfast – be encouraged.


One Response to “i love fourths”

  1. Good to see that you’re writing so much Campanella! Good Stuff. I feel the same way about the working out. I’m leaving for Jamrock in a month. I’ve been on a mission. Today is day 1 of the Master cleanse…9 more to go.Then raw for 10 days…work it out lady…smooches.

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