love in famous actors we never meet

i didn’t know dennis hopper died.  he was an intriguing man to me.  for whatever reason, i loved him in hoosiers.  he really was a great actor.  and i will never forget that i was at a photo exhibit during my high school years and he had some of his work up.  it was a nice discovery to find that he had such a beautiful hobby.  he was a very good photographer in his own right.  and i have occasionally read about him doing good deeds and believing in causes for humanity.  a good dude.  in the link i provided above, you will find a poem by walt whitman.  it is the poem that caught my eye before i even noticed the name dennis hopper.  the poem is arresting and gorgeous to me.  a beautiful work of art in it’s own right.  may dennis hopper rest in eternal peace and God, bless his soul. 


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