love in lemon verbena


i feel very frozen today.  like all my insides are totally still.  i am not sad and i am not oozing with joy.  i am not discouraged and i am not rejuvenated.  i am not purposeful but i am not destructive.  i just feel … here.  i feel calm in my spirit.  i feel low on energy.  but i am confident.  i am secure.  i am comforted.  i feel tremendous trust in the Lord.  i am a little confused … and foggy … and i’m just letting it drift over me in grey clouds. 

so, this blog post is about something else entirely.  i am thinking of planting herbs and growing them so i can use them in my newfound cooking hobby.  recently, my daughter and i received a gift of fresh herbs and our world was suddenly transformed.   we boiled some mint leaves in water and made mint tea.  we drank it both in hot and cold form and we loved it!  some of you reading this are thinking i’m from outer space.  cuz it’s pretty common knowledge that fresh herbs are tastier and better for you.  well, i’m from the planet of brooklyn and we don’t grow jack sh******** .   and personally, me, myself, hates gardening, soil, worms, digging, and anything green that grows out of the ground.   seriously, when i was 3 i would cry hysterically at the sight of grass and refused to walk on it.  there are pictures.  my mom had to carry me cuz i would not walk on grass.  at least, that used to be me …  now, i’m definitely sold on mint.  i’m thinking of lavender.  i’m researching lemon verbena.   feel free to change for the better with me …


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