a quarter of italian love

it really looked like this but with ground beef!

oh, you didn’t know i’m 1/4 italian?  well, that really has no bearing on why i ate lasagna for breakfast today.  ok, maybe a little.  but it has more to do with why i appreciate homemade lasagna more than the average girl.  amongst italian-americans the red sauce (marinara) is often informally referred to as gravy.  my co-worker’s dad makes his own gravy from scratch and it is that sauce that makes the lasagna come alive in my mouth.  it’s a family secret so i’ll never recreate it or find it in a grocery store or restaurant but i can be thankful when she brings the extra food into our office.  other than that the dish is pretty traditional with layers of perfectly cooked pasta and ricotta/romano/mozarelle and ground beef.  so, this is my tribute to an authentic, homemade, lasagna … which i haven’t had anything like since i left brooklyn two years ago.  it felt like love all over.


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