love in the other leg


i know you woke up this morning wondering what the heck has been going on in iraq.  here’s a little update … granted, it’s not all ice cream and sunshine but there’s sweet love in knowing people are struggling.   people are dying.  it keeps up focused on being good people, trying to better people, raising good children, and having a purpose to our days.  every moment of your life is a choice.  either you have a situation or a relationship to handle.  either you will cuss the lady out at the DMV or you will bless her heart.  i do believe that in some indirect way every choice you make here in the u.s. impacts someone around the globe … we can be our own leaders … and models … of tolerance, love, and respect.   you don’t live in a bubble.  you don’t sleep in a vacuum.  there are things happening in the world all the time that will one day effect you.  you can impact the world by being a compassionate person today.


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