i love my boss, Jesus Christ

first off, let’s say thanks to my boss, JC aka the Lord.  he is so good to give me a job.  and the transportation to get to said job.  i’m about to go perform some manual labor and i do it with delight cuz i remember these words as i work.

and it’s not like accepting one’s circumstances is easy.  i had to enter a best buy store for work yesterday.  i was a little sad to discover i couldn’t even afford a $4.99 dvd of when harry met sally – to treat myself for mother’s day.  i looked longingly at the $120 GPS system that was just like the one that got stolen out of my car … i get lost all the time in atlanta cuz the streets are backward.  and lastly, i had to keep on walking past the state-of-the-art vaccuum cleaners i covet.  of course, the $59 dirt devil is out of my price range. what i kept forcing myself to think was this: a) one day i WILL have these things if i just live long enough, b) my financial situation is temporary, and c) i have to remember the blessings i already have. 

these best buy items are not necessities … so i put them back on the shelf.  i pray i live to see the day when i can once again enjoy what i consider luxuries.  

flowers are $3.99 at the grocery store – go get some for someone’s mama!


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