i love to be paid in full

i have never been a big fan of reparations.  not for the usual reasons.  forget the logistical nuts & bolts nightmare that would ensue.  i have two other main problems with it.  for one, i ask nothing of my oppressors.  is that pride?  or is that a spiritual outlook: God will re-pay us all in full.  i’m riding with GOD.  not the U.S. government or any other government.  and for number two, how much is enough?  there will never be enough to repay the atrocities of slavery.  you can’t get families back.  you can’t take back whippings.  you can’t remove time and memories.  you can’t re-mix old acts of terror, kidnapping, abuse, torture, hatred, and indifference.  you can’t re-twine a people that has been untwined.

speaking of untwined … henry louis gates brought all of this to the forefront of my mind with his retarded op-ed piece in the nytimes.   why do i say retata?  cuz gates … just has to always point out where black people went wrong.  like his whole purpose in life is to make white people feel good about racism?  the whole thrust of the essay is about the culpability of africans in the slave trade.  let’s apply his same logic to actual slave times in the US. … according to him, the fact that africans sold africans makes them partly to blame for the entire slave trade.  during slavery, black people also contributed to sabotaging slave revolts.  would gates thus conclude that black people as a whole did not want to be free and in fact, liked being slaves?  that black people were to blame for staying enslaved?  probably.  and that just proves my point.  gates has a retarded, illogical, and simple-minded argument.  just because some africans were complicit in the slave trade does not mean they are responsible for the entire trans-atlantic trade.  just because some africans kidnapped other africans does not mean they themselves were not then sold into slavery when they outlived their usefulness.  gates’ article reads like a 6th grade social studies paper.  it’s kind of not connecting all the dots while in the same breath it goes on and on about the complexity of slavery.  how does one go from a complex situation to a simple conclusion?  ask gates.

and here we have stanley crouch writing in an even worse and less intelligible manner in this piece.  crouch clearly also hates to have racism pointed out by ‘academic smack peddlers’ as he calls them and is skip’s biggest cheerleader.  and i know i love theroot.com but it is run by skip gates … so i must take the inanity with the good.  

i, along with skip gates, am not a fan of reparations.  but for vastly different reasons and based on an entirely different kind of logic.  i am trying to love skip and stanley.  but it’s a struggle cuz somehow i have this feeling that if we  were still in africa they would sell me down the river.  and if we were enslaved co-workers on a plantation in the US i have a nagging thought that they would run and tell massa about the revolt i was planning.  (based on the logic that i was not justified in revolting because it was partly my cousin’s fault in africa that i was sold to massa in the first place or something like that.)   just a hunch … but i’m still trying to forgive you skip and stanley for being willfully ignorant. 


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