love is in a time out

listen folks, all ye faithful … it’s too hot to blog!  nah, but for real i have a tremendous passion for the christ and today we on the GOOD foot.  my office is closed as of ten minutes ago.  i embark on vacation with my daughter tomorrow – for an entire week!  don’t think i been on a vacation that long in like two years.  being unemployed and not on the schedule don’t count.  when i get to where i’m going (cuz i ain’t telling you – we don’t know you!) i’ma have family to be with and friends to visit and places i gotta eat at and stores i have to buy my favorite earrings from and people to reunite with and strangers to collide into and long lost cousins to meet for the first time.  if it’s hot, me and baby gotta see the pool.  there’s a road trip involved at the end of the rainbow and more old friends and former students to catch up with and share meals with.  easter baskets to fill and phone conversations to finally have.  i want to get a pedicure today and i must wash laundry and pack …. i’m also partcipating in some kind of poem-a-day business for the entire month of april.  that’s already too much commiment for me but i love to be a poet. 

all that to say?  blogging will be sporadic for the next ten days if it happens at all.  i will miss you and i don’t want anyone to think i’m gone forever.  i have archives going back for 3 years now so … read that ole ish.  i love you – whoever you are reading me and i know you agree that we are all worthy of a vacation … not just from our jobs but our entire routines and our lives … love is in a time out.


One Response to “love is in a time out”

  1. I am so happy for you and your daughter. Please enjoy my dearest sis!! LOVE YA!! (Im sorry I missed you call. I was away this weekend.)

    Talk to you soon,

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