there is love in my nose

i love to smell good.  and i fall in love with scents.  i smell everything before i eat it.  i smell things that don’t even have smells – just in case, cuz you can never be too sure.  i could smell things my mama couldn’t.  i am still sad that lisa who is the founder of carol’s daughter discontinued a special oil several years ago.  it was called cauris (i think named after cauris shells).  and it was like no other … i have never smelled anything like it since.  i used to mix it with my egyptian musk.  i used to just smell myself.  i used to roll around on objects so everything would smell like that.  i am praying that somehow, some way, by some divine miracle that carol’s daughter brings that oil back … or brings a new smell into my life that i can fall in love with.  currently i am in love with the fragrance arising from my neck bones.  i use that new dove shea butter soap – yummy!  (although it doesn’t get you as clean as dr. bronner’s peppermint  – so use both!) and of course i use the vaseline intensive care cocoa butter gel/oil  made from brazilian nuts and almonds … that all my girlfriends have also fallen in love with.  you have to understand, me and my homeys were buying carol’s daughter when she was still cooking her recipes out of a small house in bed stuy.  the oils came in plain plastic tubes and she had self-printed and taped all the labels.  we were 18 years old.  understand, when she moved into the storefront that was formerly spike lee’s joint in fort greene, BK, NY we made bi-monthly pilgrimages to buy her goods.  back in them days the oils were in glass jars and filled with seashells and rose petals etc.  now that she has sold to sephora, bloomie’s, and has kiosks at the mall her fragrances look like this:

and that is too polished and aesthetically unpleasing to me … but this is almond cookie which they brought back so they could possibly bring back my old favorite.  i guess she only puts the nuts and berries in the bath oils … see below … and i’m willing to try almond cookie but … i still miss the scent of cauris … i used to love her. 


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