love in the oh-so-fresh

maybe some of you are familiar with dr. bronner’s products.  you used to only find them in whole foods, trader joe’s, or some hole-in-the-wall health food store.  but now they sell travel sizes at target.  go figure.  i used to prefer the almond flavor (although, you cannot digest this and it’s not for eating) cuz i liked the aroma.  peppermint was so run-of-the-mill and if anyone knows me i’m more of an off-the-beaten-track type of girl.  however, in an emergency soap crisis i used my homegirl’s peppermint soap one day.  i was in the shower looking around for soap and it was all i could find.  and then, i fell in love with it.  ok, this is probably not for everybody and i am not saying this will work for you or that you should try this at home.  your stuff might be more sensitive than mine.  either way i used the peppermint soap everywhere … but it was in my most precious place that it gave me tingles.  it made the precious (and if you don’t know what that is, too bad) feel fresh and minty (if that is possible) and yes it made it tingle and it made it cool …  as if you put a breath mint right down there.  i’m just saying … if you want that oh so fresh feeling and if you want them tingles … so now my routine is to use soap on my entire body and to use the peppermint soap on my delicate areas.  it gets stuff extra clean and i love those tingles!!  this soap can be costly but you get a great value on the dollar.

warning:  squeeze the soap on the washcloth and wash as you would normally.  do not stuff anything up inside yourself!!!  just washing the area will produce the effect and get you clean. 


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