love in … commitment?? are you sure?

the next book i will not buy is … committed by elizabeth gilbert.  one of my very first posts on this blog in 2007  was about her other book eat, pray, love.  i really liked that book … anywho i been reading this next one, committed, in the book store.  and i’m not going into detail but i will say that the part that has resonated with me the most is the moment where she writes down her five (biggest?) flaws and shares them with her husband-to-be (and he shares his with her, of course).  i was dumbstruck to read her very first flaw – because it is also a major flaw of yours truly.  i had just never found the words to express it until i read it in gilbert’s book.  she writes: i have more enthusiasm than actual energy.

YES!  ABSOLUTELY!  did you hear how enthusiastically i agreed?  we have a lot in common, elizabeth gilbert and i, cuz while i talk a good game (wedding dresses, bridesmaids – i discuss these things) … i am very wary of marriage and commitment (in general).   and i haven’t even been divorced.  but my mama was … and in her 2nd major relationship she lived with my stepdad for 22 years before she married him.  i could do that … i have no problems living with a man forever and never getting married.  granted, i will want a big anniversary party for me and my boyfriend.  can’t you just see it?  in ten years … when i’m 42 i’ll be filling out my will with my boyfriend.  ahh well, God may have other plans … 1) i might not make it to see tomorrow much less 42 years of age, 2) God’s kind of big on marriage and, 3) only the Lord knows when/if I will have a boyfriend … lol … i just like to say the word … boyfriend … lol.

anyway, that’s me … a marriage skeptic who has way more  enthusiasm than actual energy. 

but i think my enthusiasm is good for motivating and inspiring others … and it keeps me laughing even when i’m all by myself. 


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