big, fat, smoking tuesday or ashy wednesday

uhh fat tuesday was two days ago.  and i just recently learned what it meant.  ash wednesday was yesterday … and the tuesday that precedes it is designated as ‘fat’ because it’s your last day to GET IT IN … before lent.   i thought fat tuesday was just the name of a bar on south street in philly and the name of something they do during mardi gras.  we are now in lent so if this message came too late.  oh well. Ash Wednesday 2008 at Saint Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, LA. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images) there’s about 38 more days and nights to go for those of us who give up something or add something spiritual.  i’m not telling you what i gave up … yet.  cuz it’s HARD and talking about it just makes me want to quit at giving up.  the end of lent is signified by easter.  i’ma tell you then.  



One Response to “big, fat, smoking tuesday or ashy wednesday”

  1. […] get closer to God, to change on the inside. to reflect on the flesh vs. the spirit. I ain’t telling you what I’m giving up. I am also adding something. That’s between me and God this […]

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