the valentines 2010 edition: i need a daddy to fat me up

the valentines … always make me introspective and contemplative.  my daughter is my valentine and we are having a fun-filled weekend full of pedicures, and chinese food, and snuggles, and movies, and laughter.  i am very self-sufficient about the valentines.  almost every year i do something to treat myself.  one time when i was living in new york city valentines fell on a weekday.  i went to whole foods at lunch and bought me a bouquet of white tulips.  they were beautiful and i felt loved by me. one year, i took myself out to dinner and a movie.  i had such a good time with myself i can’t remember the movie or the restaurant … lol.

so, i am only joking when i say i need a daddy.  i already got the Big Daddy whom I need – the Lord.  i really just love that twista song … and i love being a woman who loves men.  i love feeling feminine and taken care of.  and i am lately envisioning a man who just loves to feed me cuz he wants to get me more fat in all the right places.  i would love to include a romantic portion to my valentines … so, i will buy another bottle of that prosecco (the ‘italian champagne’) and i will drink it with myself when my daughter goes to bed.  i will get giggly and giddy on love bubbles because i trust in the most high … that romantic love is coming my way … one day.  and till that day i’ma be drunk on the love of my self and my God. 

ahh the valentines … may yours be happy …


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