my cheeks love to drink vaseline

let me share my latest beauty secret with you.  several weeks ago an older Black woman at my job and i were discussing the dry skin on my face.  the weather was getting so cold and i found that my cheeks were getting chapped and irritated by the winds.  then, the older woman says, “try vaseline on your face at night.”  i immediately had mixed emotions.  vaseline would seem to make my skin more oily and cause me to break out but at the same time my little cheeks were crying out for relief.  and the thought of slapping some vaseline on them felt good.  she said i only needed a thin layer.  so, despite some slight misgivings i tried it a few weeks ago.  i even had some blemishes and i didn’t know how they would react with the thick, gooey vaseline.

honey, like a charm!!!  the vaseline seemed to heal the blemishes.  it reduced them and eventually they melted away.  the vaseline kept my skin juicy overnight and when i woke up it was clear and glowing.  i couldn’t believe it.  and it’s taken me this long to share this with you because i just kept conducting more non-scientific research.  a few nights i didn’t do it and it actually seemed to make my skin worse.  my skin loves this vaseline business.  the vaseline has reduced signs of fine lines as well.  and you already know it’s cheap & plentiful … 

i am not sure this technique will work with all skin types.  but i have combination skin uh i think?  maybe it’s more on the dry side?  it’s kind of sensitive … i wash with cetaphil cuz i can’t take anything harsher on my face.  regular soap makes me break out after a while.  that oil of olay gunk would also make me break out in the face.  noxzema was also too heavy for my poor face.  so … attempt this at your own risk … but you may be surprised by the results when they work!

and the other beauty secret that helps the vaseline is … WATER.  drink water!


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